Consul-Tech Traffic Management Inc. is a small transportation management company that was established in 1989 by Jacques (« Jack ») Nahmias in an environment where numerous companies were closing their transport departments after the deregulation of the trucking industry took place in Canada (1987) and Quebec (1988). With his strong experience in pool car transportation,  Mr. Nahmias was ready to offer consulting services to his new customers in the field of transport and distribution : searching for routes and/or carriers offering a better quality/cost ratio and invoice auditing after delivery. Load brokerage was gradually added to the service range, in order to offer alternatives to customers whose usual carriers could or would not service certain destinations.

Year after year, the company was thus able to widen its service range and increase its sale figure tremendously, while its reputation for reliability and efficiency was growing among the expeditors thanks to a sound advertising mean : through word of mouth. The company’s growth also rested on the quality of its relationship with the carriers it uses, which have always been treated with respect and fairness. 

Consul-Tech’s reputation of excellence allowed the company to double, then triple its complement by recruiting transport experts among the most qualified candidates on the market: some current team members now boast more than 40 year experience in the field of transportation and warehousing. To this core of  experts were added some younger recruits who graduated from the college programmes specialized in transport, bringing theoretical knowledge, new working methods and creative ideas to the base of expertise already garnered by the company.

After more than 20 years of doing business, the company is facing new challenges, in a context of global economic and financial crisis, massive transformations in domestic and continental markets, consolidations in the transport industry, rapid fluctuations of the oil prices and increased regulations for security and environmental protection purposes. We believe we can meet the challenges, thanks to our stable team, made up of highly qualified people; thanks to our customers with whom we have built a real rapport for the past two decades; thanks to our carriers, who consider us as a true partner, and not as a mere work provider.